Monday, 2 April 2012

Rhubarb season arrives

What a difference a few pairs of extra hands makes!  On an overdue trip to the allotment yesterday, had 11 year old and husband constructing wooden frames to build a rudimentary fruit cage for the cherry tree, and my youngest picking rhubarb - thus leaving me free to plant potatoes, broad beans and various roots.  If it had been me single handed, I would only have got one of these many jobs done.

Mind you, the plot did end up festooned with shredded rhubarb as children discovered that uprooted sticks were good for 'sword fights', and that the metal edge of the compost enclosure was excellent for decapitating rhubarb sticks with one swift blow...

At least it kept them happy whilst I got some jobs done, and rhubarb is not exactly in short supply... now that it's started, we'll be cropping it for the next three months.  The kids are very excited about new supplies of rhubarb and ginger flapjack.  You can tell they haven't had it for a while.  (Ask them again in May and they may have changed their tune). Crumble, anyone?

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