Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Ways to use up a sack of pine cones: part one...

My shed has been harbouring a sack of pine cones for some time, so I think it is now the right time to marshall them into service.    (My house may end up looking like a forest floor/disaster zone by Christmas, as the cats will doubtless see all dangling items as playthings).

Here is idea number one: Pine cone garland.


length of bead chain decoration (I got mine from Home Bargains - 6m for 99p)
pine cones (which have been left to dry)
pre-cut lengths of fine floristry wire (or you could use strong thread and a needle)

Wrap a length of wire round the base of the pine cone, weaving it between the segments. Pull it tight and twist.

Twist the ends of the wires around the segments between the beads on the chain to attach the cone.

Snip off any excess wire and tuck sharp ends out of the way.

Attach cones at the desired intervals and use to decorate a mantlepiece, shelf or stair rail.  Secure well with heavy objects,  hooks or tacks to ensure that any accompanying candles or delicate items are not at risk of being knocked over.

My tealight holders are the lids of the tiny jam jars I used for the posies in my last post. A perfect fit!


  1. Love this idea! Only just seen it post Christmas, so may be a little project for next year.... We bought some silver spray paint recently and transformed some pine cones - looked very Christmassy.

  2. This garland is actually around my Christmas tree as we speak. Love the crafty things you do on your site too. Walking with visiting children just before Christmas, we found lots of new cones and spent the afternoon making them into mice, hedgehogs and mini Christmas trees - the latter were particularly lovely and would make sweet gifts for grandparents etc. We used those glitter stars where you get sprinkly ones of assorted sizes and colours - just stuck one of the larger ones on the top and then spread a spiral of PVA glue garland style around the cone. Sprinkled on more glitter and then added a few larger sequins. Use a blob of blu-tack and one of the little lids above to stand it in. Very cute. Must try to make another and post a pick so I can remember it in future!