Sunday, 25 August 2013

Weeds glorious weeds

Alys Fowler loves weeds, according to Radio 4 yesterday.  She was singing their praises for their wildlife attracting benefits and for their beauty.  The humble dandelion was top of her list for gorgeous looks, but I'm afraid I can't share her love of that one.  The shiny, almost metallic yellow petals of creeping buttercup, settled in a cloud of blue forget me nots, have been known to lift my spirits and escape the weeding hand from time to time. But Alys's  broadcast set me to thinking which other weeds I gladly harbour in my garden.
Frothy spurge hides the naked legs of my Zepherine Drouhin rose.
Hens and chickens goes so well with Carex bronze curls.

Self sown prettiness in the form of linum (I think)

Bees and butterflies love the buddleia which the birds brought me.

I never planted this lemon balm, but it's very welcome.

A bit hazardous to use the compost bin right now, but once the berries have ripened I will tackle this tasty weed.

Does cerinthe count as a weed if I didn't plant it in the gravel?
I'm not showing you my ground elder and bindweed however, because they are evil devils and do not deserve any publicity. Even though the ground elder flowers do make nice fillers in bunches...

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