Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Key word giggles

I was idly perusing my stats for the blog and glanced at the key words which led traffic to my site.  My eye was caught by the phrase 'sweet pea stripper' which led me wonder which of my posts might have included it.  Was it a variety of sweet pea? Was I discussing the ravaging of these scented ephemeral beauties by a plague of devouring insects?  Couldn't think what it could be, so I decided, out of curiosity, to feed the phrase back into Google and see which of my posts popped up.

I never did come across a listing for Tuckshop Gardener, but did find about 4 pages worth of links to various posts about a minor celebrity being hit over the head with a bottle by a stripper called 'Sweet Pea'.  Have been chuckling ever since.


  1. It is amazing what people have looked for and still end up on our gardening blogs! I have a peek now and then too, on the keywords, just to have a laugh, this week someone searched for ‘crucifixion right side wound’ – and ended up on my blog. Like you, I searched Google back to see which post had made the hit, but after 10 pages I gave up. I do have a suspicion though, I wrote a post about the meaning behind the name of the passionflower, might have been that one. The person who landed on my post was probably not looking for info about passionflowers!

    1. The most common key phrase search, according to my blog's stats is "note to self must make"!!!! Weird.