Monday, 4 November 2013

A virtuous circle

I'm the nutter in the park, picking up cones and birch twigs and eyeing every mossy branch I pass.  Which means that we're heading into the festive season and I've got lots of wreath bases to decorate....

Here is my favourite one of the day:

Winter wreath by Tuckshop Flowers.

Never throw anything away is the moral of this one.  The stems binding the metal frame are from my recent flexible virginia creeper pruning, the poppies were salvaged and hung to dry in the summer and the lavender has been hanging in a large bunch from my light fitting for about 6 weeks. I'll miss it now it's found a proper home. As for the twigs, they're from one of my bag lady foraging missions...

What I like about wreath making is that there are so many possible variations - dried, relatively minimal ones like these, or the big fluffy evergreen ones which will go into larger scale production at the end of November.  It's quite fun working out how you can use a handful of  pine cones and twigs which the recent wind has scattered.

Maybe I should have a rival for Radio 4's 8.00 am piece and introduce a new feature: 'Wreath of the Day'?  But it will have to be 'Wreath of the Evening' as I don't think I can produce them that early in the morning.

Any Birmingham locals wanting to have a go? Come along to a workshop in November or December and see what masterpiece you can create for yourself! It is very satisfying...


  1. Your wreaths are stunning. Shame I'm too far away for a workshop as making your own wreath is something I would like to learn.. maybe you could do an online tutorial ;)

    1. Thanks! Don't be scared to try - they really are very easy to do. Just let your hooligan imagination run away with you!

    2. I do intend to do a YouTube number about wreath making, but have been too busy with my kids over half term to get round to it. It is on my jobs list. Will publish a link on the blog, so keep your eyes peeled!