Sunday, 20 May 2012

The race is on.

I've set my dwarf French beans a challenge this year.  Which ones will do better - the ones started off in pots in the propagator, or the ones direct sown at the allotment today?  I guess it will depend on the weather.  The soil at the plot seems to be pretty good for sowing at the moment, and sunshine is forecast next week, so hope that will get everything going.

The peas that I set the other week are still not showing through, but the parsnips, beetroot and perpetual spinach seem to be on the move now, as are the weeds....

The plot is much more respectable these days - it's amazing what getting the bottom third into cultivation has done for its appearance.  Still got to get plenty of bindweed out of it, but at least we're heading in the right direction.  Extra hands make a huge difference - the difference between perpetually weeding, and being able to plant the ground you've managed to clear.

Things have greened up no end and I love the view as you walk down the path with all the lollipop shaped trees.

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