Friday, 1 June 2012

Growing ever upwards

The foxgloves and dog daisies have finally arrived, adding height to the border and creating the messy undulating look which I (luckily) love - I'm too disorganised to have beautifully graduated borders - and anyhow, I prefer my patch to look unrestrained.  Can't wait for my verbena bonariensis seedlings to get established, for that very reason.

Here are some photo updates:

This thyme was one of many in a pot from Sainsbury's  - I've had loads off it for cooking and it obviously likes being chopped.

Coming along nicely.....

Love peonies - even when they're knackered by rain so quickly.

Aquilegia fireworks in the border!

Angelica - statuesque and smells of gin. Remind you of anyone?

Thought all the foxgloves would have reverted to pink this year, but some white ones can still be found.  

Waiting for me have time to plant them.....

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