Sunday, 24 June 2012

Plants - say cheese

Always a good idea to take lots of photos of the garden as it changes throughout the seasons to record successes, failures and things to shift next year.

Photo records help to keep my critical tendencies in check -  when I prowl around the garden, I'm thinking of what needs doing, what needs weeding or pruning and where colour needs injecting etc.  What I sometimes forget is to look at the garden with a more general eye and celebrate its success.  Last week I was feeling a bit grumpy thinking of all the bits which need pepping up but have just had a browse through the photo album and think I am being a bit unreasonable (who me?).  It is actually not bad at the moment and I should step back a bit more and enjoy its success.

Part of me is still fretting that it will peter out next month though!!  But I guess it is the critical bit that keeps it developing and moving forwards.  Wouldn't do for things to stay the same indefinitely after all - far too boring.

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