Saturday, 21 July 2012

Wild food...

Read last year that you can eat amelanchier berries, so thought I would try some before the birds ate them all.  Can report that they are quite tasty, if a little pippy.  Nice to find something else I can scavenge in my garden and it makes my little tree/shrub even more garden worthy.  Not only does it have lovely bronze foliage and white blossom in very early spring when the garden is just starting to wake up, it now provides snacks too!  I had noticed in previous years that the birds love the fruits - well now they have competition...  Might try some in jam along with other berries.

The garden is still looking OK - shame a lot of the annuals have succumbed to slug munching as it isn't quite as floriferous is the main border as I'd like.  Ah well - an excuse to buy more plants!

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