Thursday, 6 September 2012

School term starts and my new gardening  regime begins....

The plan -
  • Finish off hard landscaping.
  • Pick up cheap annual seeds from garden centre to start September sowing
  • Cut back lavender to old wood and save dried flower heads
  • Take cuttings of new penstemons to have some more for next year
  • Clear out the green house
  • Wage war on ground elder
  • Have a general tidy up around the garden - get rid of all the stagnant buckets of rain-stewed weeds which have been sitting around for ages....
  • Take all the remaining patio rubble to the recycling centre
  • Do my first fencing project - replace the section of front fence between us and the neighbours.
  • Meet with school to discuss their gardens and a work schedule...  (Yippeee - I've got the infant school garden back!)
  • Make regular weekly visits to the allotment.
That should be enough for starters.... (that's without all the house painting jobs which are also on the list).

Summer seems to have arrived in September this year, with a whole week of sunny weather forecast for the Midlands at last.  It's come a bit late for my garden, but at least the roses in the main flower bed are putting on a good second flush of flowers.  The yellow rose, 'Absolutely Fabulous' is living up to its name as has been covered in new blooms and they just seem to keep going and going.  My beloved dark red/purple 'Falstaff' has also been having its best year yet, but it's always a race to get its blooms to open fully before the rain clobbers them and turns them into brown dough balls.  The current flower heads seem to be winning the race so am hoping to have a splendiferous show by the weekend.

I'm also delighted to see the herbaceous clematis (c. heracleifolia 'Wyevale') doing so well - it seems to be sprouting new bits every year and as it is the nearest scent to that of Indonesian frangipani blossom (my all time favourite flower smell), I am always happy to see it spread a bit further.  Combines well with the yellow rose (below) at this time of year, don't you think?

Hacked at the hawthorn hedge which is trying to turn into a collection of 20ft hawthorn trees earlier this week - layered a few bits by lacerating my arms and bending springy branches down and threading them into the framework of the hedge, but the really tall escapees just had to be cut down.  Now comes the fun bit of disposing of the malevolent prunings.

Right - back to work IN THE SUNSHINE!

Today's weather will be.....

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