Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Bee friendly

Flicking through Ryton's Organic Gardening magazine the other day, and out plopped a packet of  seeds full of a mixture supposed to attract bees.  Thought it would be rude not to plant them, so sprinkled them into two butler sinks which flank the french doors to the patio.  Will be interested to see what pops up as the seeds develop.  I can remember that field scabious was listed in the ingredients, so can add that to my collection of that genus...

My lavender hedge (sorely in need of a clip at present) at the front of the house is a magnet for bees, as is the angelica in the back garden.  Don't use chemicals, so bees are in no danger from those in my garden, but my two cats are quite another matter.  Often to be found stalking bees in the flowerbed -  most annoying.  Domestic moggies are a bit of a disaster zone for garden wildlife in general. The only pity is that slugs are far to slow moving to interest the cats - maybe I could start a slug and snail gym to try to get them to be a bit zippier to transform them into cat playthings. Anything that falls into this category (frogs, mice, bees, flies, wasps, rats, moths, butterflies etc) seems to have their population in my garden very strictly controlled.  Or maybe I should just grow lots of tall bee plants to keep them out of feline reach!

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