Friday, 8 March 2013

Spring teacups

Spalding bulbs sent me some freebies in December and I planted them in the greenhouse, given that they'd arrived at the tail end of the planting season. Here I rehome them into more salubrious surroundings, ready to go for spring.


  1. Such a cute idea for spring. We are a tea family. Perhaps I'll pot some of these for my mom ;)

  2. Lovely idea, I am sure they will be very pretty when they flower.

  3. Nice video and I love plants in tea cups! I've never bothered with drainage holes before, being worried about breaking the cups. But am inspired now to try and drill some holes - maybe I'll start with one of my least favourite cups in case it all goes horribly wrong :)

    1. So was I, but bought a diamond drill bit for china from ebay and haven't broken anything yet. Easy peasy. I used cracked teacups for these as I thought that they weren't really good for much else and was worried that this would make them more fragile and prone to breaking into smithereens when drilling, but all survived. My only warning to you is that making cake stands, planters and hanging around old china in charity shops is a highly addictive pastime!

  4. Just hope the weather will improve to get them there by April when I have my first stall. Snow today. :(