Friday, 22 March 2013

Spring Unsprung

First official day of spring 2013. And there's more forecast for tomorrow and next week.  What a great choice to decide to start growing flowers for April.  I read an article from the Guardian which discussed the stop start nature of spring's springing this year and it suggested that when growth finally begins, it could be spectacular and everything will burst into life at once.

Here's hoping.


  1. It is awful weather. Gardening as such has come to a stop. Hopefully it will make a dent in the slug population this year.

    1. The only digging done today is to clear the paths of 15cm of snow in order to encourage the cats to leave the house. Not what I had in mind for this time of year! I'm with you on the slug prophecy - let's hope there is an upside to this freezing spell.

      I take grim heart from the fact that it's not just me, having just read a plea on the google group for flower growers from someone who is having a stall at a vintage fair two days before my owns stall is due, and is facing a similar predicament re quantity, variety etc. I'm still crossing my fingers for a mad growth spurt in early April....

  2. Oh, how I hope the Guardian spoke the truth! P. x