Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Berry bounty for the wreaths

The hedgerows have yielded luscious Christmas trimmings this year and my school run (or should that be amble?) has never been so foragingly productive.  Star turn of the day were the Snow Whitesque apples found in the park - perfect for wiring onto wreaths at tonight's workshop to make some globes of stunning colour.

Foraging for wreath fodder makes you look at things in a whole new light.
Even the insides are gorgeous! What IS this variety? Want one!

While Christmas decorating in this house doesn't start in earnest until later in the month, there's one room of the house which the festive season has taken over, for this evening at least.

All lined up and ready to wreath...

 The wallpapering table has had its legs reinforced in readiness for the bounty which will get woven upon it and Frank Sinatra's Christmas album has had the dust blown off its cover in readiness for the occasion.  It even had got an preliminary airing while I made pastry this morning.  The cats ran off into the garden as I yodelled along with gusto….

 Really looking forward to this evening as tonight's participants are a group of friends and I reckon they'll be very pleased with their creative efforts by the end of it - wreaths truly are such satisfying things to make.  My dry run last week (a red wine and natterfest) with one of my mates was very enjoyable and she was delighted with the wreath she produced.

Just a batch of mince pies to make, and some mulled wine to warm and then it looks like we're all set for a very Christmassy evening.  Must remember not to sing though.


  1. Replies
    1. It was! And we did so much chatting that there was no time to sing - phew!

  2. You are so lucky to have all that on your doorstep! Not easy to find Christmassy decorations in the streets around here in East London so I have to resort to buy instead. And my garden have nothing Christmassy to offer except some ivy – if I stretch over to the neighbour’s wall, which they probably won’t mind, they are not gardeners!
    Sounds like you had a great event :-)

    1. Even after 10 years of living here, I still pinch myself at my green and pleasant surroundings on a regular basis - especially being on the edge of a big city. I am a very happy ex-London dweller for that very reason - couldn't do what I do if I was still in the Big Smoke.