Sunday, 22 December 2013

Christmas Quiz

No prizes, but fun to find out the answers - I'd love to hear some of them.

1. Name 5 plants which flower (naturally) in the UK in December.

2. What is the latin name of the Christmas Rose?

3. How would you propagate mistletoe?

4. What is the meaning of ivy in the language of flowers?

5. What is the common name of the shrub Sarcococca?

6. List 5 red berry bearing flowers, shrubs or trees.

7. Spring and Summer Snowflake are varieties of which species?

8. Which garden writer is the author of 'The Winter Garden'?

9. What colour are poinsettia flowers?

10. What was your favourite flower of 2013?

You can find my answers by clicking this link, but there may be more!


  1. Nice one! I have some garden anagrams for you to unravel if you find yourself with some quiet time over Christmas ;)

    Have a great Christmas and New Year!

    1. I will find time to have a look at them after the sprouts et al tomorrow! Have a good one yourself and thank you for being my blogging mentor - I like what you do, so keep up the good work in 2014!