Monday, 14 January 2013

A year-round crop

All gardening curtailed by snow (now melted) today, so instead I went in search of crocks.  Not to put in my plant pots for drainage, but to arrange my flowers in when picking season finally arrives.

A fine harvest today from local establishments of a charitable nature.

Couldn't buy new containers with this much character as cheaply and am delighted by my haul.  Can't wait to fill them later in the season.

At least they offer an alternative dream fuel to seed catalogues...


  1. Hope that all my customers will think so! I think my rose addiction is translating itself into new spheres....

  2. Love your blog name and your business intentions. Good luck

  3. Have just made my sign tonight for 'Tuckshop Flowers'. I should explain that I live a Victorian ex-sweetshopl. It ceased to sell sweets about 15 years ago but is still something of a local landmark for folks that grew up round here. I'm often told by blokes reading my gas meter that they used to buy their sweets from here. The previous owners also left us a photo of the sweetshop in its pomp with all the glass jars in the window - so nice to have that and it has pride of place in the living room.

  4. Such a lovely idea, your flowers will look lovely in them.

  5. It's encouraging that it seems to have been such a well received post.