Monday, 28 January 2013

First crop eaten

The mung beans are no more - well, not in an undigested state anyhow.  Very tasty they were too. "Like peas but more dusty" was my youngest son's verdict.  Empty plate though.


  1. Nice to hear, I might give it a try even though I haven't got an airing cupbard or somewhere warm.

    1. Found an old packet of supermarket dried mung beans in the cupboard yesterday, so, flushed with success, I'm having a go at a second batch.

      Read on Veg Plotting that the rinsing water is great for houseplants so am going to try out that tip too.

    2. Excellent new your son liked them too. Glad you're finding the hints and tips useful too!

      Thanks for joining in this year :)

      Helene - you don't need an airing cupboard - a windowsill will do just fine, though the type of beansprout doesn't look quite the same as those sprouted in the dark. No difference in taste though :)