Saturday, 19 January 2013

Challenging salad

Too cold to sprout this week and indoor areas getting full (including with cats who are being banished for a couple of hours before bedtime as they refuse to go out for the necessaries in the snow - with yeuuuuch results).

Think I'm going to go for sprouting seeds this week - simple, easy and quick.  I've got a packet of mung bean sprouts that need finishing off so will start them tonight.

All they need is a jam jar to grow in, and a quick soaking and shake about with warm water and then a good draining.

I'll leave them in the warm dark boiler cupboard until they start to sprout - repeating the above process a couple of times a day.

Should only be a week until I'm eating fresh bean sprouts. Yum.


  1. I have never grown bean sprouts myself, I buy them often, they don't cost much, but one bag is way too much for me to eat up before they go off. The supermarket ones last only a few days from purchase, and they really do go off when they go off!

    I haven't got an airing cupboard, how high temperature do they need? Would 20-22 degrees C be too low?

    Would have been great to grow my own :-)

  2. The seed packet says that the ideal temperature is around 25C (75F). I think they'd still probably work at 20-22 but it might take a bit longer.

  3. We gardeners can always find a way to garden - even if it's in a jar! :)

  4. If this snow keeps up, I'll have to set up a large terrarium!