Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Treasure troves and happy accidents

"Very Michelle Obama" remarked my mum as I waltzed in, all dressed up in my embroidered flowery skirt for her golden wedding do.

"I bet she didn't get hers from the St Mary's hospice shop though" was my prompt response.

Indeed, while visiting the town of my youth in search of non-chrysanths and un-carnations to boost my flowery haul for the said do's flowers, I also popped into the various charity shops in search of more buried treasure to show off my lovely blooms and to grace future wedding tables when my eclectic charms get more widely recognised...

Charity shops cannot be praised enough.  Below is a taste of what other people's unwanted tat, or "rammel" as my Derbyshire dad would term it, can look like with a bit of flowery love:

vintage blue ceramic basket with country posy
Who coud resist a vintage 50s ceramic basket for table flowers? Fell in love with that blue.

teacup arrangements for a golden wedding
Golden wedding teacups - you know these are my favourites by now!

The pearlescent glaze of this simple jug sets off the fading tones of this hydrangea.

Wasn't planning the jug or basket combinations, but had the containers to hand to stuff cut bits in. The hydrangeas were only put in the jug to condition, but go with it absolutely perfectly. Don't think I'm ever going to paint that garage door again either as I've now discovered it makes a great backdrop for photographing flowers...

...don't you think?


  1. I completely agree that vintage finds are the best ! They can be ridiculously cheap, beautiful, and always have a more individual feel. I grew all the flowers for my daughter's wedding 2 years ago (sweet peas, cosmos etc) and bought all the vases from charity shops, car booties etc. No one seems to like cut glass at the moment, yet it looks fantastic as it catches the light.

    I love your arrangements - especially the tea cups !

    1. Thanks. I also pick up cut glass vases regularly. My collection has virtually filled the spare room now... When to stop is the question....